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  • Adventures In Extremes- Alexander McQueen or Rockport Pumps

    Two brands that I never thought I’d put in the same sentence!

    I’ve always said not everything appears the same way in a photograph as in real life- it’s all about stylist tricks, ya know.

    On the other hand, having great style is not necessarily about the items themselves but about how YOU put them together.

    Case in point: A pair of jewel tone pumps.Whoddaevathunk that I would put Alexender McQueen and Rockport in the same sentence?


    But on the other hand, it’s the look of a brilliant pop of color on your feet that we’re after, and certainly most of us out there can’t foot the bill on the McQueen pair. So take a look….

    $740 Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pumps in bright suede velvet. Gorgeous, yes. Practical, not so much. Check it out, here.

    $130.00 Rockport (yeah, the brand known for comfort!) Sasha Peeptoe Pump in teal suede, more comfy heel, and a variety of colors including bright lipstick red. You can wear them to work or with a pair of skinny jeans. Maybe not on the red carpet, but when was the last time you walked one? Check it out, here.

    Published on July 30, 2011

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