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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Dress Up an everyday jacket, from the must-have motorcycle to a basic blazer

Dress Up an everyday jacket, and you too can be red carpet ready in one of your favorite go-to toppers

Holiday party season is quickly coming upon us & we might not want to buy a one off outfit. Why not take a spin on something that you can style infinite ways?

Let’s take inspiration from what these A+ fashion starts wore to the ‘Mademoiselle C’ premiere recently, both singer Ciara and fashion titan Carine Roitfeld donned their own takes on dressing up what could be considered an everyday jacket.

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As you can see, both opted top their head-to-toe black outfits with jackets that are casual enough to be found in the average girl’s closest which in turn makes them all the more inspiring.

Ever thought you’d see a motorcycle jacket paired with a glamorous, languid maxi dress? Surprised by how on point it looks on Ciara?

With both ladies, the trick is to keep the overall look simple. Think about following suit with a simple yet gorgeously fabricated maxi dress of your own and pair away. From fitted blazers to yes, even a classic motorcyle jacket, we bet you’ll be surprised by how simple it is to stand out in an edgy way while not looking like you tried too hard.

Ciara for instance, makes her choice look like a no brainer she could have come up with in two-minutes flat. How’s that for a night out on the town?

Carine Roitfeld in Givenchy

Carine Roitfeld in Givenchy

Like Ciara, fashion editor and street style fixture Carine Roitfeld cuts a lean line in head-to-toe black while balancing the look with a belted jacket heavy on volume.  The trick to Roitfeld’s look is less is more. By forgoing texture and decoration and going tonal, her jacket seamlessly blends in to add a practical sense of comfort and ease. Consider something similar with your own shrunken blazer by going for minimal glamour as well. Here, her shrunken jacket adds coverage while flaunting her figure in a shroud of modest elegance while strappy heels allow for a flash of skin. – Naveed Hussain

We love a riff on a classic jacket so we pulled everything from mor jackets, to blazers to tux hackets for you to ponder:

Photos: Givenchy

Published on November 21, 2013

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