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Fashion Advice- How to Find A Stylish Swimsuit Cover Up

It can be tricky to find a swim suit cover up, but it doesn’t have to be with these style tips…

There seems to be two schools of thought on swimsuit cover-ups: the sheer and sexy or the short-shorts and terry.

So what’s a chic beach babe to do when she feels that running around in a one-off negligee or a kiddy romper is just too-too to suit her style needs?

Well, go crazy. No, no, that’s why I’m here.

I don’t know about you, but unless I’m camped out poolside at a luxury resort, the idea of prancing about in a sheer beach cover-up seems rather ridiculous to me, if not a bit risqué if you drive to the beach and then, maybe, make a pit stop at the grocery store.

Then, there are those kiddy romper cover-ups that I find to be totally inappropriate for most women old enough to know better.

Yet, finding the perfect beach cover-up that looks gown-up, chic, and, perhaps, even covers up those not so perfect parts of your body can be a chore. We’ve taken the work out of the search by finding a few great cover-ups, below, but also want to help you out with some style tips too.

Miraclesuit Scarf Pareo at Nordstrom’s

  • Of course, those sexy sheer cover-ups are hot, but reserve them for resort locations.
  • A lightweight and breezy maxi dress can do double-duty as a swimsuit cover-up and as a dress to wear the rest of the day. Just add cute flats.
  • Ethic style tunics always look chic and can be worn alone or over shorts, and they will never go out of style.
  • For the ultimate in beach chic, wrap a long pareo as a skirt and wear a T-shirt on the. Yup, that pareo scarf is a great waterside cover-up when you don’t want your lower body exposed…. again, another timeless staple.
  • Shorter, lightweight beach dresses suddenly become a summer scorching weather staple when worn with a fab wedge sandal.

Oh, and to the woman in the parking lot with the DoubleXL slogan T-shirt and sand stuck to her butt checks, errr, think again and please see above.

Shop these beach cover ups:

Sketch: Gottex

Published on August 03, 2011

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