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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • Fashion Week Gossip- Michael Kors is channeling Faye Dunaway, Nanette Lapore is into a raunchy 1970’s porn inspired look…

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    … the ever posh Victoria Beckman talks baby bumps and fashion humps, trapeze dresses and structured shoulders. Plus, those Fashion Freaks hoping to be discovered by Heidi Klum… so many things!

    Brad Boles is out and about, and he still has his Blackberry to take notes and share those opinions of his…

    Michael Kors dresses his client with a city chic, no frills power strut! And believe me, he did not disappoint in the the Michael Kors fall 2011 collection in a melange of simple chic cropped pants, straight shoulders, crisp suitings in a melange of camels, black & blue stripes, and bright whites.

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    One huge stand-out look was the black leather shirtdress… think Faye Dunaway in Network!

    Michael Kors fw 11

    Michael Kors fw 11

    The hanger ons…

    In the madness outside the show was the menagerie of fashion blogger wannabes dressed in thrift store make-betters who looked like they really thought that they would be discovered by Heidi Klum. Well, they certainly delighted my eye with their lunchboxes for handbags and twine for belts, plus the obligatory Christian Sirriano for Payless shoes! I never thought the Mountain Girl look worked in an urban jungle, but one chick did. Lord, she over layered colorful acid patterned tights with shorts and hiking boots… she must have spent hours working out that look! Just wrong. Think Large Marge!

    Nanette Lepore fw11

    Nanette Lepore fw11

    Nanette Lepore rocked it out of the box. Yes, I’m talking her BOX with her raunchy 1970’s porn themed collection to huge applause. You gotta see it to believe it. Think Linda Lovelace.

    Victoria Beckham fw11

    Victoria Beckham fw11

    Victoria Beckham has dropped the spray-on dress for a softer newer, more somber silhouette that’s all about comfort with trapeze dresses and structured shoulders. Lady Becks was sporting a very visible baby bump. When asked what inspired her motherhood, I would think David Beckham naked in the pool of Elton John‘s Windsor Estate.

    But I would be wrong!

    Instead she feels that in this season, she really feels that she has grown and evolved as a designer and a person. Becks, in my opinion, you dropped the spray-on dress because you needed to tart down your image pronto with some of those nasty allegations in the news. Smart.

    Victoria Beckham fw11

    Victoria Beckham fw11

    As we all know, fashion is meant to inspire and delight the eye. Well, fall 2011 is doing its best to impress! And, how was your day? –Brad Boles



    Published on February 16, 2011

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