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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

  • French Chic at a Certain Age: A well-cut trench coat a la Patricia Kaas

    Let’s be frank: There comes a time when fussy becomes unfashionably fatiguing and plain is boringly aging.

    >> Day Two of the three-part FoS series Age-Approriate French Chic At A Certain Age

    But, pairing a well-cut trench coat and sultry smokey lined eyes, is a time-tested fashion recipe that never spoils!

    Take, for instance, French actress and chanteuse Patricia Kaas who understands the understated elegance of a lightweight, well-cut trench coat- a hallmark in dressing with French chic style.

    It’s not any ordinary trench, but one that wraps in a way that always creates a sexy silhouette without being vulgar or tricked up. It’s flow is more dressed up than the basic double-breasted trench coat, yet it’s not overwhelming on her frame. The extra detail of undone frayed edges keeps it fresh and modern.

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    B adding a simple black sweater underneath topped with vamped up eyes and natural hair, you have the perfect mix of everyday chic mixed with the perfect dose of glam. That’s what I’d call age-appropriate French chic, for any age -voila!

    Not boring neutral ageless and age-appropriate French Chic French trench coats…


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    Published on April 04, 2012

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