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Header Affirmation 4 – FASHION SHOWS/RUNWAY

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

  • What to Wear: From Now to Spring, try a retro flared skirt

    I love a look that’s easy-breazy and flattering on almost every figure type.

    As my mom would say, this look has my name written on it. And, it should have your YOUR name on it too.

    A retro flared skirt– like the Gucci flared skirt, pictured above– that falls just below the knee to mid calf is back for spring and you can start interpteting the styling in either Resort now or with a winter’s edge.

    It’s the kind of silhouette that works well with chunky platforms or flat thong sandals in warmer climates and platform ankle boots in colder climates. … all comfy shoes, I may add.

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    Wear it with a thin camisole top like above, or add a nubby cropped sweater when it gets cool. Almost any belt that defines the waist is the accent you want. Avoid hard edges and grab a soft hobo bag like the one pictured. It’s all very casual, slightly Italian via Veneto in the 1950s with a tad of  early-mid 1970s Cacherel thrown in.

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     I did say almost all figure types can wear a retro flared skirt. The warning label is on a very protruding tummy or super bubble butt as that throws the line of the flare off. No problem. Try wearing a cardigan that comes to about your hip bone and cinch your waist with a belt worn over your sweater to balance out your proportions.  There you go, no excuses to try one of my favorite skirt styles.

    I pulled a slew of stylish retro flared skirts to make your wardrobe happy:

    Lead photo: Gucci flared skirt

    Published on December 20, 2012

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