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Grammy Fashion: The Best, The Worst & The Most Ridiculous in 3 Dresses: Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, and Katy Perry

The good, the riduclous (but appropriate), and the bad…

First off, I feel like a cousin got married on Long Island and I wasn’t invited to the celebration. What is with all the sequin dresses?

Ladies and stylists, this is the Grammy’s, it’s THE music awards, please not dress yourselves like you are going to a family affair. Have fun, take a dare, stand out and look glamourous, and 86 the damn sequins.

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The Best: 

Rihanna, who is not always the best dressed in my opinion, looked absolutely STUNNING in a collaboration that she said she designed with Giorgio Armani as a homage to Michelle Pfieffer’s style in Scarface.

Rihanna’s new blonde hair, the deep plunge, the way it hugged her body all looked fantastic and hip.


The Most Ridiculous:

Nicki Minaj and companion

Nicki Minaj and companion

Nicki MinajThere’s message in there, I know. Okay, it the Grammy’s and she is obviously pushing buttons, love it or hate it Nicki Minaj stood out in a Versace Red Riding Cape and a Pope-like character at her side. It’s better than generic and I’m exhausted from Lady Gaga.


The Worst:

Katie Perry

Katie Perry


Katie Perry- Grandma’s everywhere look at you and see a second coming. The  (not Smurf) blue hair, the blue Elie Saab beaded train gown, the too low boobs (better bra???), the way it makes you look round and matronly… please don’t stop me. I don’t know if I want a Mint Julip or a bowel of borscht,  but I do know that you can do better, and younger. It’s the Grammy’s goddamnit, look hip.

Photos: focusonstyle.onsugar

Published on February 12, 2012