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  • Grammy Gold: Red Carpet Best Dressed with Taylor Swift & Rita Ora

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Infused gold red carpet dressing that makes a best dress case to add metallic to your wardrobe

    Gold is making a comeback.

    Great for those who weren’t around in its over schmaltzed up heyday.

    A warning for those who do remember.

    It’s not hard to get full-on gold wrong. A few extra accessories, an over designed silhouette and what should be a statement dress that stands on its own becomes a caricature of something that really should have stayed in Vegas,

    But, gold in all its simplicity done right, is just divine.

    >> REPRISE: Get ahead of the curve with these spring trends (hint, gold is one of them)

    Take a look at Taylor Swift who sole the Grammy red carpet in her understated (yes, gold can be) chain mail, short sleeve Gucci gown… I bet this look will become a classic red carpet reference for years to come. Elegant!

    Is clean & classic not your thing? Don’t wore Rita Ora‘s downtown edge on what would otherwise be a riff on “old Hollywood” glamour is totally modern and hip. Thank Lanvin for the dress and her crazy cool styling for the rings and manicure. Fabulous!

    Here’s the takeaway- bold or classic, keep the silhouette clean for a fresh & chic vibe.

    Click on these inspired Grammy Gold looks in story now:

    Published on January 26, 2014

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