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How to Wear It- Flashback Big Shoulder Pads Are In, But Are They Right For You?

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Musician Rita Ora makes a case for big shoulder pads in Ungaro, and it worked!

Shoulder pads, one of those fads we all said we hoped never to come back, are back… Yes you read right, big shoulder pads have been making a return on runways as of late for a bolder silhouette, that can actually come in handy.

What makes these big shoulder pads relevant & modern?

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First off, the way that Rita Ora styled the look with a mannish skinny belt and classic pointed toe pumps, is both figure flattering (rember, they balance curvier hips) and a throwback to Hollywood glamour. Everything about her composure looks cool girl rather than Mad Max era Tina Turner.

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The belt creates an hourglass figure while 40′s inspired pleats and elegant gold embroidery give the dress a regal polish, while a deep v-neckline lessens the severity of broad shoulders. In the end she looks defined, slimmer and taller.

Some pitfalls to avoid when going padded:

  • Follow Rita Ora’s example and look for a broad-shouldered piece with feminine decoration in the right places
  • Keep your accessories timeless as this isn’t another 80′s redux, this is about altering your silhouette
  • Keep fabrication simple, avoid brights and metallics
  • Style your hair in an unfussed manner to offset the bulk
  • Let the flair of the piece stand for itself and stay clear of over accessorizing

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Photo:Rex features; image.net/Ungaro

Published on July 09, 2013

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