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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Stylist Advice- Wall Flower! How to Wear Prints Head to Toe

Prints, patterns and bold unsolicited colors have been making a move throughout fashion circles for the past few season’s and why not? Wallpaper prints make for an especially easy, elongating look and take the idea of sophisticated uniform dressing to a place once unimaginable.

Thanks to digital prints and technological fabric advancements, full-on prints haven’t looked any better and are an attainable way at creating foundational looks that’ll make you stand out gorgeously in any crowd. All while getting a smart two-in-one you can also separate.

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Pair the pants with a sweater and natty collared shirt or wear the top with a flirty a-line skirt- the options are endless.

Here’s a look at some favorite looks from the runway including Moschino’s bold daisy printed suit (above) and some quick tips on managing the look for you.

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Stella McCartney-

A boyish jacket works as an unexpected strong-point over an otherwise classic paisley print while a strappy sandal gives the buttoned-up look a break of skin.


One of the most referred to looks from the Resort 2012 collections, Celine’s bold sofa print is punctuated by a completely covetable motorcycle jacket.

Make Matching Prints Work for You: 

  • Look for pieces in luxe fabrications and in modern silhouettes and cuts
  • It’s an entire look loaded with personality- make sure you think the print works for you & isn’t ho-hum
  • Accessories & layers are given a bold background here- go crazy, pile it on!
  • Find a way to show a break of skin with open shoes or a deeper neckline
  • Look for smart prints that are rich with associations, it’s all about standing out…

What to Avoid:

  • Banal prints (think tropical) and fabrications such as jersey and silky nylon just won’t do
  • If you are petite, heels are a must
  • Keep your hair & make-up simple, natural works best here
  • Don’t go overboard with bright colors or blaring prints
  • Look for pieces that hang off the body to avoid looking like you are in a catsuit
  • Find items that are trendless as they won’t have too many extra details and tricks

-Naveed Hussain

A selection of printed goods awaits you:

Published on January 04, 2012

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