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  • Mountain Upsweeps… Ok, it’s a knit beanie

    It’s a cold snap for sure.

    As you’re reading this I’m packing up my house out West to head back to New York. Normally, I have a bit of “what is worn in Wyoming, stays in Wyoming” wardrobe. But, not this time.

    It’s freezing back home as it is in a good part of the country. Record freezing in some parts. Ouch.

    So, instead of leaving my super-duper warm knit beanies out here, I’m taking them home along with some extra snow boots.

    We showed you how cute knit beanies looked on the street style ladies of London Fashion Week and the big pom poms ones during Paris Fashion Week, and they look just as chic right now.

    I call mine mountain upsweeps because they sit so high on your head. I’ve become addicted to wearing these hand knit hats for the past two weeks and may even add some designer ones to my snow wardrobe.

    Take a look at these chic ones that I pulled….


    Published on January 07, 2014

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