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She’s Got Leg- And Too Much of it from Angelina Jolie

Something tells us that Angelina Jolie is somewhere out in Malibu with her ultra-toned right leg covered in a militia’s worth of ice packs after last night’s odd show of the come-hither at the 84th annual Academy Awards.

What was with that much leg? Every picture of the starlet, every pose, is just ridiculous and on a ‘Hollywood’ stylist note, completely questionable as it was unbearable to watch.

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Sure, we continue to applaud Jolie on her relentless philanthropic works and agree that most of the time, especially after her Brad Pitt make-over, she looks amazing.

Bu then again last night, seriously? That dress was undoubtably gorgeous, and even though it was Versace, its fabrication and cut instantly brought to mind the kind of elusive French glamor the likes of  Yves Saint Laurent made so covetable in the 70′s & 80′s.

So who told her that she must keep her leg poised as if she’s about to turn a letter on The Wheel of Fortune at all times?

Because that move was truly unfortunate, just look at Anjelina Jolie’s Right Leg on Twitter which garnered over 8,000+ followers instantly along with a Buzzfeed for ‘legbombing’ photos on social media sites.

Published on February 27, 2012

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