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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • Sneak ahead with the comfort sneaker shoe trend now at couture too

    Oh, my! Sneakers shown with dress clothes at couture… that’s Chanel haute couture, and not Juicy! The women’s comfort sneaker trend is going strong as just witnessed at the latest Paris couture shows, but do you know how to look chic in comfort shoes and put together? (Rather than the opposite which can be kinda schleppy, to say the least)

    Look from the Spring-Summer Haute Couture collection photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. via Chanel-News

    Look from the Spring-Summer Haute Couture collection photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. via Chanel-News

    It’s official, wearing a sneaker in style should no longer be left to the street stars as even Karl Lagerfeld sent a parade of models out clad in comfortable shoes at the recent Chanel Couture show. Now the ball is in your court when it comes to passing up those outrageous stilettos. Score!

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    What to consider before leaving the house in something you may think of as anti-glamour:

    • First off, save pairing them with fanciful dresses for the runway. Never for real life…
    • Even though there are some great designer sneakers, there is no need to splurge!
    • It’s your choice to go for a classic style such as Converse Chuck Taylor’s or a stylized pair from Nike, just be sure they aren’t anything too specifically sporty i.e mountain climbing shoes etc.
    • Avoid a complete sporty look as you already get a pass on footwear with this trend
    • Sneakers can look great with classic trousers and jeans alike but remember to keep a break of skin between the hem of your pants for a lengthening, polished look
    • When choosing socks, go with something more unexpected such as a black pair

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    Here’s a slew of on-trend & affordable options you can consider online now:

    Published on January 22, 2014

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