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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Fashion Gets Romantic

Fashion Gets Romanticů Clothing Shows A Softer, More Feminine Side

Clothing Shows A Softer, More Feminine Side

clothing shows a softer, more feminine side

Dear Sharon: I usually prefer suits and a tailored, crisp kind of style of clothing, but suddenly I can’t bear to buy another blazer or wear another black turtleneck. Any advice to update my wardrobe without trashing everything I already own? — Classically Clean (Boston, MA)

Dear Classically Clean: Sweet sister of stagnant style, you have picked the right season to summon up your softer side. One of the bigger trends for this spring has more romantic inspiration than Andrea Bocelli has arias.

Fashion may be having a more lyrical moment, but please promise not to throw out all your tailored, well-cut essentialsů they’re the clothes you can wear day in and day out.
Freshen up your wardrobe by mixing and matching the romantic with the realistic to avoid coming off like you’re auditioning for an art house epic. Simply add a few elements of pretty to look your fecund best.

Wax poetic with:

- Vanilla and all heavenly palesů nothing looks more soothing than bleached white and flushed hues, besides being a no-brainer for a softer, gentler image.

- Ruffles, lace, pin tucks, gathers, folkloric embroidery or lettuce leaf edging are the perfect accentto more classic silhouettes or a pair of well-worn jeans.

- Lighten-up with soft, yet three-dimensional fabrics, like dotted Swiss, eyelet, and crinkly gauze, or wind-worthy chiffon.

- Invoke your inner hippie with macramÚ slouch belts, a fringed (another trend on to itself), embroidered piano shawl draped around your hips, or a tiered peasant skirt.

- It’s nite-nite when drapey pajamas and Botticelli-esque peignoirs take to the streetů sorry to say, in the opinion of Focus on Style, the floaty, nightgown look is only de rigueur when you are at least five months preggers and not a moment less.

- Tie up an ankle wrap sandal or ballerina flatand solve the "my shoes are too boring for my new outfit" nightmare before you can say Isadora Duncan!

- If you’re not about to strut your romantic stuff, don’t worry, you can still get in the girly-girl thingů ruffly panties are back.

–February 8, 2002

Published on February 08, 2002

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