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Do you want to learn my super easy tricks + pro tips to be YOUR own stylist? You can do it... let me show you how! Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor
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What fires me up is helping the everyday woman feel ready for her closeup. SNAP, you can do it!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

Make the most of what you’ve got by implementing my streamlined fashion stylist skills to stylishly increase your polished presence + self-confidence.

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor


GIVE THE GIFT OF STYLE RENEWAL… Fashion and Beauty That Outlasts the Season

Fashion and Beauty That Outlasts the Season

Turn this holiday gift of style renewal into something romantic that you two can share. Always keep in mind that your girlfriend is ultimately wearing the goodies, so her thoughts as to what she is comfortable with rule- you are simply the actualizer into lambykin’s fashion foray. Luckily, she admits to wanting a redo. Otherwise, self-servingly taking over the responsibility of revamping a loved one’s wardrobe could transcend you to controlling cheeky cad statusů. and, no one wants that.

Set the scene for presenting your gift. Play some super sexy Sade Lovers Rock . Toast a glass of your favorite wine . Arrange a stupendous bouquet of flowers with a card that has an itinerary for a day of dressing delight.

Revitalize yourselves with a his and her treat at a local day spa. Both get your hair styled, and while she has her makeup tweaked, you can go and feed the meter. Oh, yeah, this is where you make sure that she has everything she needs to recreate her new look by herself.

Indulge- Just grant her the indulgence of an upscale shopping spree sans the chaotic rush or disappointment of selecting the wrong item- it’s a cinch when you map the stage.

It would be a shame to bring home a bounty of lovely fashionable gifts and nothing suits her. It would even be worse to duo trek through the overheated stores in a beat-the clock bloodhound mission to sniff out the appropriate outfits.

Prepare- That’s right, fancy a peek at some cute little things that you think would be flattering to her and hold them aside at the store. She’ll love the idea of a guy who plans and you’ll be able to share a hassle-free shopping experience. On the outside chance there is something that needs finessing, it’s right outside the dressing room door. Style made simple.

If you are sure about her measurements (most men think they are, but are way off the guesstimate), then go ahead and shop online and hold everything in a virtual shopping bag. Whatever you do, do not blindly drag your princess around a chaotic mall helter-skelter-that is a sure romance killer.

Black magic- Opt for clean, minimalist sophisticated style with sleek separates in classic black that act as the glue to all those other eye-catching, high fashion pieces, which come with time. A slim-fitting turtleneck by Chaiken in a luscious Merino wool or cashmere will last an eternity. A beautifully fitting pant in the right cut and its sister skirt, like an inverted knee-length pleat skirt by Alice & Trixie, are the staples of every wardrobe.

Everyone must stay warm, splurge- if you can- for a fabulous coat. How about a great Anna Sui plaid one? Of course, you can add the accessory of the season: A furry, funky collar.

Finishing touch- Don’t forget the perfect designer shoes and handbag to complete the looků add vitality with an accent color or texture.

Something extra- A girl cannot live by basics alone, so include one zestful, sexy something like lacy lingerie, a slithery snake belt by Noir to slick around her waist, or a flirty whisper of a dress– like a one-shoulder tiered dress by Rebecca Taylor–for instant allure.

Know when to stop- I have a theory for discerning the proper amount of wardrobe essentials: Imagine everything needed to live out of a carry-on suitcase for a few days. Once your imaginary suitcase is “packed”, STOP, the basic shopping spree is complete!

While you are at it, why not put all the gorgeous goodies into a real suitcase and take the sweetness of your weakness away for a romantic vacation? You cannot out prince an offer like that!


Lead Photo: Oasap Puff Sleeve Silk Velvet Dress with Multi Color Pleated Skirt

Published on January 01, 1998

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