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  • Class Act: Giorgio Armani helps NYC students

    Grant to The Fund for Public Schools

    Class Act: Giorgio Armani helps NYC students
    Grant to The Fund for Public Schools

    Here’s a smart concept for a designer concept store: Give back to where you started out.

    Giorgio Armani announced his new concept store in New York City – Armani / 5th Avenue, the same city where he opened his first US boutique in 1985.

    In honor of his newest retail baby, Mr. Armani will make a significant donation to The Fund for Public Schools via a grant for a multi-year, umbrella program entitled the Armani Arts Institute. The program will support diversified arts programs throughout the city’s public schools in some of the most under-served neighborhoods.

    “While the Armani /is an investment in the future of my business, even more importantly, this grant to The Fund for Public Schools is an investment in the future generations of New York City,” says Mr. Armani.

    Programs like these help engage students in their schoolwork and provide an outlet to channel their creative energies. Least they learn how to look polished, professional, and ready to embark upon a new career, if only by osmosis.

    Mr. Armani, “is an example to all of us that even in difficult times, we must continue to look to the future for hope and inspiration, and let our children know that we are determined to help them build a better world,” notes Caroline Kennedy, Vice-Chair of The Fund for Public Schools.

    As a parent of a NYC public school student, I can attest to the importance of arts programs along with strong academics in our children’s education.”Giorgio Armani’s grant will go a long way towards expanding our efforts to bring quality arts education to all New York City public school students,” notes Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

    Once again, Mr Armani proves to be a class act.

    Visit The Fund for Public Schools

    –February 19, 2009

    photo,this page only, courtesy of Giorgio Armani


    Published on February 19, 2009

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