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Classic Slipper Shoes – Want It Wednesday

What we want this Wednesday (and for the past season for that matter) is a pair of updated takes on the classic slipper shoe, like these feminine takes from Miu Miu

From Miu Miu comes one covetable pair of on-trend, timeless and ultra-deluxe flats that bring new life to the thought of donning old-school looking slipper shoes. Especially when taking in to mind that while formal, slipper shoes also boast a generous does of ease on the wear as they are quite literally as comfortable as a pair of house shoes -talk about unrealistic!

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And the timing for a new alternative flat couldn’t come at a better time as the idea of well-designed flats and loafers has laid by the wayside while fashion’s been oddly preoccupied by mind-bogglingly high platform heels.

Miu Miu satin slipper shoes

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Whatever your style, a pair of elegant flats like these are certain to amplify any look from retro to punk to ladylike, you can dress them up & down in an endless array of possibilities.

So many options from Miu Miu…

Take Miu Miu’s for instance, while the first featured pair may be utterly classic in an old-money, silk smoking jacket kind of way, the colorful satin numbers in vivid hues are certain to appeal to just about anyone.

And for an on-trend shoe thats chic & trendy yet comfortable, there’s no doubt you’re going to get seasons of use out of them.

Easy on the wear, this is one trend you should consider, especially with inspired finds starting at just $40:

Published on July 18, 2012

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