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Cheeky Chic: Devilishly Clever Greeting Cards…

Say it with wit

Cheeky Chic: Devilishly Clever Greeting Cards by She’s SO Creative. Say it with wit.

Once upon a time, in city very, very large, there were scads of shops to find the perfect greeting card within just a few blocks from your home. The schmaltz mecca for the 3D and sappy cards that mom loves. The avant garde card boutique for hubby. The sweet birthday greetings and some balloons store for the little ones.

Then came the "lost our lease" signs. Now, we have K-Mart left standing– useful, but not entirely creative.

What’s a girl to do when she wants a little whimsy, some snark, some cool, or some choice in a greeting card? Go online if you wanna get wit.

She’s SO Creative by Stephanie Orma(the SO in She’s SO Creative) has some the cutest, in a grown-up way, greeting cards around.


The "Who are you wearing?" card has a red carpet starlet, literally, wearing a hanger-on. The "I really look up to you" card has a dachshund peering up to a giraffe. "French Chicks" has smoking, beret-wearing yellow chicks hanging out, drinking wine and lattes, and being very Fraaanch. "I’m A Dog, I’m A Dog But My Mom Won’t Admit It" has a Chihuahua in a designer frock.

Cheeky and chic– you get the idea.

For a store near you


–February 5, 2009





Photos, this page only, courtesy of the designer.

Published on February 05, 2009

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