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Crystal Head Vodka, THE Gift for The Hostess With The Mostess

Levitation Optional: Impossibly cool vodka created by Dan Aykroyd, with a collectible skull bottle designed by artist John Alexander

The gift for someone who has everything, including a helluva lot of style… perhaps, that could even be you?

Honey, you want cool? We’ve got you cool?

Do you want a conversation piece? It’s that too.

Looks great. Tastes amazing. And you know they don’t already have it.

Brad and I were talking about some off-beat hostess gifts… something unusual without breaking the bank. And, then, just like magic a little pr whisked into my inbox with the perfect solution.

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

Inspired by his interest in the supernatural, comedic genius, actor, musician, ufologist (that’s the scientific study of UFO’s) and all-around funky cool dude, Dan Aykroyd has created a vodka that is outta this world.

Right on the skull design trend, Crystal Head Vodka is packaged in a crystal skull designed by artist John Alexander that is so darn fab-looking, I promise that you will never throw this bottle out!

The super-premium vodka is quadruple distilled and triple crystal-filtered through 500 million year old crystals known Herkimer diamonds, which according to New Age belief systems embody positive energy. A "pure spirit” with no added glycerin, citrus oil, or sugar, Crystal Head Vodka will certainly move you to a higher place… if only the top shelf above your bar.

Try a Crystal Head Vodka Brain Freeze:

11 oz Crystal Head Vodka
2 oz pure lime juice; 1 oz simple syrup
Combine with ice in a blender.
Serve in a sugar-rimmed rocks glass.

Watch Dan Ackroyd talk about the legend of the 13 crystal heads and higher power sources:

Learn more:




Photos: Crystal Head Vodka

Published on July 30, 2010

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