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Eyeglasses: Bolder is Better

 … (Sarah) Palin on Style

Doggone it, I really hate to give Sarah Palin ink. No matter how much you try to tszuj her up in designer clothes, that beauty pageant up-do and trying to be elegant but dated scholarly look just ain’t rocking it for me.  Yes, I did see the old school photos of her with the pitbull porn star brown lipliner too… wink, wink. Face it, I don’t think there is that much fashion in a darn sportsman (that’s pc for hunting, my friends) mall. You can try to style her up, but, there ‘ya go…

Politics and Stuart Smalley catchphrases aside, Mrs. Palin is a bit pale in the innovative style department. Therefore, when her folksy faux chic look infiltrates downtown NY, I get a little concerned, if not mortified.

MORE: Eyeglasses

I’ve been on a mad hunt for larger frame eyeglasses from Paris to NY for about half a year. After deciding that I was probably ahead of the retail curve for eyewear, I just forgot about it– until I walked into Selima Optique in NY’s Nolita section the other day. I found myself falling madly in love at first sight with a pair of Kala Eyewear, “handmade in California,” leopard tortoise frames. BTW: Palin’s eyeglasses are by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki.

Since there are so many amazing statement eyeglasses to choose from at Selima, I joked with Kenneth the salesperson about surely not having a Palin crowd.  He said that pre-debate, they must have received at least 25 calls asking about that frameless style— considering the downtown trendiness of the neighborhood that’s a pretty high number or a lot of frantic people sending out random shots for some moosely frames.

“In my opinion, it’s one of the worst things to do to your own face,” says Kenneth. The frameless style “instantly ages you and it doesn’t fool anyone. All you see is that you are wearing glasses.” To look more modern, Kenneth suggests great vintage-inspired shapes, playful and imaginative colors, and a more masculine silhouette.

Funny, that sounds like what Mrs. P. is trying to pull off. Now you go on and think for yourself.

–October 4, 2008

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Published on October 04, 2008

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