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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Find The Perfect Printed Silk Tee – Want It Wednesday

What do we think YOU will want this Wednesday? After seasons of print mania comes Club Monaco’s perfect graphic silk tee at a price that’s budget conscious…

For well-made, well-priced staples that last season in, season out to on-trend must-haves that aren’t easily recognizable, we’ve long been fans of Club Monaco. For starters, their quality really is unbeatable for the price. The design, no matter what it is, always looks considered.

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And long before fast fashion, the Canadian bred retailer was one of the first to bring a certain sense of restrained yet stylish goods to the masses.

Take their new Harper silk tee, pictured above, (about $120), its both unique and au currant with enough cool attitude to have people guessing where you got it.

From gallery hopping to dinner dates to long hauls at the office, it bears the company’s mantra of versatility while doubling as a statement making signature piece that you can wear just about anyway.

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Best of all, for a piece that packs such a graphic punch, it also comes in an array of hues that make its directional print all the more reserved.

We’d pair it with Japanese denim cigarette pants for days running around or follow the company’s just-released lookbook and pair it with a contrasting print for a night out.

How would you wear it? Share your thoughts below!

>> SHOP: Club Monaco at Shopbop

>> GET: Club Monaco Harper Silk Tee online 

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Published on August 08, 2012

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