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  • Get A Stylish Umbrella Before April Showers Dampen your Mood

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    Weather Girls: Amp up your rainy days blues with a grown-up designer umbrella

    Listen, we’ve all been there as the one with the cheapie umbrella from the street vendor that implodes with every gust of wind. Practical in a pinch–sort of– but it does nothing for your style.

    We've all been there- the cheapie street umbrella that caves in with every gust of wind.

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    Every once in awhile we should all invest in more stylish, if not fun looking umbrella to lift our spirits on a crummy day and look a whole lot better for it. Black may be best, but if you tzuj up your look, why not try the perfect umbrella as an accent?

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    There are high designer umbrellas, fun one from Macr Jacobs, and a whole roster in between right there to brighten your mood on an otherwise grim day.

    Plus, if you invest more than $3 for the black street vendor umbrella, you may even make an effort not to lose it.

    Take a look at few designer umbrella styles that we think are just fab…

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Mini Umbrella

    So cute and a real conversation starter, we love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Mini Umbrella

    Felix Rey Leopard Print Umbrella

    Who thought an umbrella could be sexy? Discover your rainy day inner diva with a Felix Rey Leopard Print Umbrella.

    Felix Rey Love Umbrella & Tote Set

    It’s mutual love with the Felix Rey Love Umbrella & Tote Set

    Burberry Umbrella Check Walker with Wooden Handle

    Simple, classic, and tasteful designer chic with the Burberry Umbrella Check Walker with Wooden Handle .

    Check our more stylish and designer umbrella in our shopping guide… trying to stay dry never looked so good!

    Umbrella photos via focusonstyle.onsugar

    Published on March 31, 2011

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