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Hermes sale of sorts on Birkin bags and luxury goodies

Savings is relative but you will never tire of these classic bags

Are you feeling the need to REALLY treat yourself or have a special someone treat you?

Lavish no further than some classic Hermes- Birkin, Kelly, or even that illusive Jypsiere Messenger Bag, at what is a (relative) deal on a lifetime investment.

Portero Luxury has some pretty darn amazing Hermes bags that range from new to gently used, to having that old school patina from loving wear.

As of now, Hermes items range from the insanely expensive $37,995.00 for a rare croc Birkin bag down to $125.00 for a classic silk scarf. Granted it may not be as decadent as walking out of the store with a big orange bag, but take a peek, sometimes it’s almost as fun to just snoop at the prices and imagine…

Take a look:

Hermes at Portero Luxury


Published on March 30, 2010

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