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  • Kate Middleton Is Major on Polished, Professional Fashion Style

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Timeless & ageless elegance that’s neither stuffy nor trendy

    Kate Middleton on a visit to Northern Ireland.

    Kate Middleton on a visit to Northern Ireland.

    I get asked so many times about what to wear to work to still look professional, yet not rigid or boring.

    So many readers get caught up in the glamour of red carpet fashion or the fashion trend of the nano second, but when it comes to looking professional at work, get stymied.

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    For me, looking professional and chic always involves a bit of timeless elegance… the kind of style that looks great in photos that are a few years old, or from just last week.

    KATE MIDDLETON embodies that kind of fresh, timeless chic that is always appropriate, yet still full of verve and modern style.

    Destined to be even more memorable than the wedding of The Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981

    Destined to be even more memorable than the wedding of The Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981

    I cannot think of anyone else at the moment that embodies the perfect office chic and professional fashion style than the Princess-to-be.

    As the royal wedding is less than a month away– and in fear that once properly ensconced in the pomp and circumstance of being a royal– Kate may suddenly go from fresh to more contrived and frumpy with a few too many doodaddy hats and Camilla-like dowdiness. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to spotlight Kate Middleton’s style from the past few years.

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    Her style is so simple and easy, that as a stylist you wonder how so many women just miss the the boat and veer on the side of stodgy or sleazy when wearing more classic, professional clothes.

    The look of classic clothes may appear to be straightforward, but it’s all in the cut of the suiting that makes them interesting! And, in Kate’s case, both also timeless and ageless.

    And, when it comes to cut and understanding her body shape, she is a master! Let’s take a look at Kate Middleton’s fashion style…

    Hummmm... a tourist stands next to a cardboard cutout photograph of Prince William and Kate Middleton outside a souvenir shop.

    Hummmm… a tourist stands next to a cardboard cutout photograph of Prince William and Kate Middleton outside a souvenir shop.

    I’ve observed photos going back several years and sincerely doubt that there was a stylist involved; it’s just good clean looks that for a young woman who gets that it is not about price, nor fad, but how something fits.

    Or, in the case of the photo of a tourist standing next to cardboard Kate Middleton and Prince William, right, staying clear of wearing anything that doesn’t do a thing for your style! You can’t help but notice the difference, can you?

    <h2FITKate understands the importance of clothing fitting correctly across your shoulders and emphasizes them with crisp styles that create the perfect hanger for the rest of her outfit to hang. Nothing saggy or overly flouncy; always sharp edges.

    Even the fluid jersey Issa dresses that she has been wearing over the past few years and most notably her blue engagement photo dress, all fit perfectly square across her shoulder line.

    She's not afraid to add black tights to make a classic look fresh

    She’s not afraid to add black tights to make a classic look fresh

    <h2PROPORTIONKate favors styles that empasize her waist but don’t cling. The jersey dresses have some ruching or draping that makes them less clingy and more business appropriate… with the added plus of being very figure flattering.

    Whether A-line, slim, or with a bit of flounce, Kate’s hemline is almost always just above her knee– the most flattering length for her legs.

    <h2COLORHer color palette is of sophisticated neutrals that suit a brunette– black, beige, navy, and vivid shock of red. No crazy fad colors, and when she does wear a print, it’s more simple and graphic, rather than busy or ditzy.

    <h2SHOES AND ACCESSORIESShe favors black tights with black suede pumps or boots to keep the look fresh and not too bare. The heel height is a sophisticated & reasonable mid to high heel; always classic but never old lady or killer trendy high. Except for her engagement ring, accessories are kept to a minimum; it’s the total look that she is after, not piecey style.

    <h2BEAUTYHer makeup is so clean and simple that you need to look twice to see if she really is wearing makeup! it’s the kind of everyday makeup that makes you look better than nature and still pretty and polished.

    Yes, she is a natural brunette! I’m so exhausted from the plethora of bleached blondes and random colorettes who all end up looking the same. There is something so elegant, besides exuding self-confidence, to maintain the hair color with which you were born… with or without some highlights The hairstyling is also feminine, simple, and elegant.

    <h2APPROPRIATENESSimply said, Kate always looks classy– the girl next door who has both self-confidence and some edge- and that’s the name of the game when dressing for business.

    We pulled some things in the polished, timeless chic Kate Middleton fashion style for you to think about:

    Photos via focusonstyle.onsugar

    Published on April 04, 2011

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