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Ten-Minute Money-Saving Kitchen Makeover…

Stainless Steel Refrigerator at a Steal

Ten-Minute Money-Saving Kitchen Makeover- Stainless steel refrigerator makeover.

Accidentally channeled the aura of Martha. Must share.

No, no, we’re not going to suggest that you dig out grandmama’s doilies and use them as pasties for that nasty old gargoyle perched on the building that faces Junior’s bedroom.

This idea is much more sublime, more modern.

What do you do when your perfectly fine, built-in white (please say it’s not Harvest Gold) refrigerator starts to look dated? Do you run out and spend a few grand on a super stylish stainless steel replacement fridge?

Well, you do, if big bucks aren’t a concern.

And, if you really were that fabulous in the first place, a Viking would be chilling your designer water!

This is where genius comes in.

You can get the gray that matters look for less, providing you have a complying appliance.

Sub-Zero offers stainless steel refrigerator door panels for a fraction of a new unit. Contact customer service. Order the panel. Pick it up from the warehouse (that’s the bummer, our distributor didn’t provide delivery). Screw in the groovy metal cover, and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy!

If you search for “stainless steel refrigerator panels” on Google, you’ll find other vendors that offer the same options- you can even find stainless steel dishwasher door panels!

The only thing left to do is get your mitts on some stainless steel cleaner and polish to rid those grubby fingerprints.

When it comes time for holiday entertaining, no one needs to know your do-it-yourself kitchen secret! Who says Home Ec can’t be cool… and inexpensive???

– November 18, 2002

Published on November 18, 2002

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