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Oslo Style: What to Wear in October… and, how to make lilac work

Lilac Skinny Pants

Home Town Style: Oslo, Norway…

I began my shopping adventure today at 10 AM trying to catch up on what the greatest fashion stores in Oslo had to offer this week. It’s starting to get pretty cold here with temperature dropping to 5-10 degrees Celsius (41-50 degrees Fahrenheit) so we are getting into our winter looks.

Lot’s of faux fur, casual boots, bohemian tops and waistcoats are found everywhere. And, the trend color that caught my eye this time is LILAC!

I love the deep and luxurious shade of lilac that most stores offer this fall. I have actually been dreaming of a pair of lilac velvet skinny-pants, ever since I bought and then threw away a pair 12 years ago…

While I was strolling in Zara, I suddenly discovered the velvet pants of my dreams…. skinny and lilac, with a zipper on each side. Wow, finally, my hunt was over. Even though they were a bit too tight, I can still wear them with an oversized top…. I can always figure that one out. Happy me with my new pair of lilac velvet skinny-pants.


In my shopping quest, I moved on to Ricco Vero, a Norwegian brand store, which offers luxurious clothing with a not so luxurious price tag. And once again, lilac caught my attention. A slim-fitted silk-coat that would make any outfit look like a million dollars, at least! I tried on the lilac coat with my leather tights and think the pieces looked perfect together.

Although its price was a bit too high for me at the moment, I´ll always have the fitting room picture I shot while trying it on. I can take a look at it as often as I´d like and dream that the coat is mine – forever and ever… Look at my photo gallery from today’s shopping spree… what do you think? – From Oslo with Style, Kristine

Published on October 24, 2008

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