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  • Paris and Ashton Dress Down…

    Who better to see strutting underwear as fashion?

    I see Paris.

    I see France.

    How cute is the girl at Sundance in what usually is worn with underpants?

    Ashton Kutcher is so adorable.

    Paris Hilton looks good in anything [nothing].

    Heck, they both know how to dress down, Hollywood style. Glad those trucker caps are a fad of the past.

    This time it’s the fine gauge of a designer long john button-down that adds the spice.

    The modern way to look cool on the quick is to pair a simple Henley undershirt with something unexpected.

    In Ashton’s case, it rocks when worn in contrast with an understated elegant tailored suit.

    It gushes “I plucked my boyfriend’s T” sexy when Paris tops off a pair of skinny jeans and shearling boots.

    2(x)ist in cozy comfort gone cool.

    –February 29, 2004

    Published on February 29, 2004

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