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    Lilliputian Reading Glasses Wink At Your Inner James Bond

    Sliver Glasses…Lilliputian Reading Glasses Wink At Your Inner James Bond

    Nobody does it better than Bond,James Bond. He has a mini-gadget for everything.

    Well, 007 inspiration for those things great and small must have been in the dreams over at Micro Vision Optical when they developed reading glasses so skinny that they slip into their own pen, mascara wand-size tube, or what could be confused as a silver-tone cigarette lighter case.

    No more apologizing when you can’t read a menu in a restaurant so dimly lit that you need to bring Sebastian, the seeing eye spaniel along to aid in negotiating your Jimmy Choo shoes around the joint- whip out your MicroVision Pen Reader and instantly up the cool factor a notch.

    Plus, you can see the menu, too!

    November 7, 2001

    Published on November 07, 2001

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