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Timeless Thursday’s -Charlotte Gainsbourg Proves Some Things Never Go Out Of Style

Yes, an 11 year-old pair of jeans can be forever-cool!

Model, muse and musician Charlotte Gainsbourg’s instinctive, casual yet chic boho Parisian sense of style usually catches our eye with her often unexpected choices and while at a fete for Marc Jacobs by Louis Vuitton she surprised even more so while wearing a pair of Balenciaga jeans from 2001.

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Balenciaga Ad 2001 featuring the jeans

Amidst a glamorous crowd Gainsbourg was a standout with her relaxed, always cool je ne sais quoi in a pair of cuffed engineer inspired jeans topped with a simple black blazer which brings to mind that early Balenciaga never goes out of style as it served as blueprint for the way we’ve been dressing over the past decade.


Along with that, she proves that yes, a pair of 11 year-old jeans can be forever-cool when you keep the look simple and try to find pieces that have subtle design quirks and elements that won’t date them in the near future.

Plus, kudos to Gainsbourg for having enough attitude to wear whatever she wants, however she wants because at the end of the day, her style is not only flawless but virtually untouchable too. – Naveed Hussain

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Published on March 15, 2012

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