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What fires me up is helping the everyday woman feel ready for her closeup. SNAP, you can do it using my stylist skills!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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Style is what stands out from the crowd, what inspires you, what makes your eyes linger & keeps you interested. Let's look together.

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • Ponytail Plus…

    The simple, chic hairstyle

    There are days when you just can’t get the minute to fix your hair. And then, there are times when the nonchalant ponytail is just what makes an otherwise elaborate outfit look simple and polished.

    We’re not asking you to be totally mindless and stick a style forsaken scrunchy in your hair.

    tonytailmodelWe are telling you to put a little thought into something that looks completely non-fussy.

    For a while now, celebrities like Gwyneth and Jennifer have slicked their hair into a neat, polished ponytail and used a strip of hair to wrap around the elastic band. Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein favored models with loose, low ponytails with that same wrapped finish in their spring collections.

    How can you get the look in a cinch? Simple.The Tony Tail is a strip of synthetic hair attached to ponytail elastic that you twist around your hair. Presto, runway worthy hair in a flash!

    –December 11, 2003

    Published on December 11, 2003

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