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Travel Underwear to Maybe Block Your Naughty Bits Along With That TSA Radiation

Wacky Invention of the Day: Keeping the junk in your trunk personal when you travel the friendlier than usual skies

Women's Brief Blocker with Clasped Hands motif from rockyflatsgear.com

Women’s Brief Blocker with Clasped Hands motif from rockyflatsgear.com

Now that those pesky TSA full-body scanners are in place, one wouldn’t necessarily want their privates on display and risk possible radiation damage when inhaling lousy airport air is bad enough.

So, here comes Jeff Buske, a Colorado-based inventor behind Rocky Flats Gear who has come up with a line of underwear that, as its web site claims, “insures privacy of medical and body scanner images” and can be worn “every day to block natural and man-made radiation.”

According to a statement in the LA TImes, the TSA has said repeatedly that the scanners are safe and do not dose passengers with excessive radiation. But, in the same article, Buske claims, “Short of wearing an actual radiation suit, which would be impractical, you protect what you can.”

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The rather unflattering grandma panty underwear (there are also sports bras, nipple covers, and men’s briefs) will probably prevent a lot more than what it is set out to block.

Nor, as we can tell, does it have it’s radiation busters in a place that one would want to cover… to the best of our anatomy experience, the fig leaf or clasped hands motif should be just a tad lower down the panty for absolute crotch modesty.

What we can’t help wondering if the purpose of the TSA full-body scanner is to prevent underwear bombers, like the failed attempt Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab last year, are these TSA-buster panties helping or hurting the war on terrorism?

It’s just too many things. We are anxiously waiting for a SNL spoof… Lorne Michaels, are you listening?


Photos via rockyflatsgear.com

Source: CBSNews

Published on November 24, 2010

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