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Me and My Mini Me…

The Twin Doll Has What It Takes

Think about it: what do you do with the classic oil portrait of little precious when the tyke turns thirty-three?

The gilt framed masterpiece turns into a massive space-saving guilt attack.

And, did the little darling get any enjoyment out of the painting anyway? Ditto for the flowery pastel and the quaint caricature.

Here’s a novel way for parents (well, mostly moms) to get cutie-pie’s spitting image down pat while giving the kid some interactive pleasure- an uncanny lifelike twin doll!

In this celeb-obsessed culture, it seems that almost every “star” gets a pseudo replica perched in the toy store. Why not take that narcissistic novelty to someone who can really get a kick out of it? Boys can play daddy. Girls can play mommy. Let the nourishing begin.

Junior gets his or her own Mini Me for play. Grown-ups can reflect upon it for years to come. Perfect for the grandparent who lives far away. Hysterical for the couple who think of each other as baby and boo.

For those who want to double their cloning pleasure, there are doll and child matching outfit sets. Ready for the next photo op?

–December 21, 2002

Published on December 21, 2002

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