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Alexander McQueen Wear It Now – Flared Pants – Resort 2013 Highlights

From Alexander McQueen Resort 2013, find a crisp pant alternative with a tailored flare…

With Sarah Burton at the helm of Alexander McQueen we’ve seen feminine touches make McQueen signatures flourish with a much-needed softness.

Ultra-romantic dresses constructed at a couture level have quite quickly become her most generous feature, and with that she surprised everyone with a Resort range chalk full of ultra-refined, elegantly tailored suiting options.

Take a cue from the outing’s sharp suiting when looking for an alternative to the pleated trouser/skinny leg divide and consider Burton’s natty tailored flared trouser as both timeless and manageably elegant while taking little to no effort.


A look at extracting the trends from next season for now has our attention on a refresher course on dramatic tailoring from the latest Alexander McQueen Resort collection.

And from Burton what also seemed striking was the restraint she used when re-thinking the perfect, seductive suit, shown here in black and ivory to punctuate each pieces precise lines.

>>Resort Highlights from the 2013 Collections

When on the lookout for a new pant, keep an elongating, instantly slimming flared pair like these from McQueen in mind…

Find the perfect pant like this one from McQueen:

  • Look for a fine, sturdy fabric that will retain shape as this look is about easy, yet pulled-together elegance
  • Avoid denim, low-waists, decoration, pleats and obvious pockets
  • Stick to simple shapes with a snug fit in the thighs and knees
  • Be sure to pair your flares with fitted tops & jackets
  • Keep your options on the polished side, luxe fabrics are part of the mandate -avoid jersey and silk
  • Go for neutral hues as this is a piece you’ll be able to layer with for seasons to come with all types of shoes – Naveed Hussain

Chic Flared Pants Online Now:

Photo: Alexander McQueen

Published on July 12, 2012

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