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Appropriate Dress Length For An Older Woman

Christie Brinkley looks stylish in her 50's.

Q:Can I wear a short skirt at 57?

I recently purchased a casual knit dress via mail order. I love this dress! The fit and soft purple wine color is great on my average size figure. My problem– the dress is about 2″ above my knees.

Can a woman my age wear a shorter dress?

If so, should I wear black tights and black flats with it? I want to dress age appropriate even though I don’t feel almost 60! Please advise me. (Ft. Myers, Florida)


I believe at a certain point in our lives that we should all dress in a timeless way—think of it as an eternal 35.

At around ‘that’ point in your life, you should be able to have a grasp of your style and have had enough to time to experiment with what styles work on you and what to avoid. The thing is that 35 really only is a number.

There are women at 55 who look a lot more youthful than others 20 years there junior. The common factor is the shape that you are in, your attitude, and how modern you keep your appearance. Not the physical year that you happened to be born.

What is key is that we don’t want to mistake the idea of dressing modern as dressing juvenile.

Flaunt what you have, yet be realistic. If you are in good shape and you keep your look current, there is nothing wrong with wearing a skirt that is a couple of inches above your knees. But the skirt should not be a girlish or overly trendy style— something a bit more chic and sophisticated that is deserving of a woman of experience.

There is really nothing worse that looking like you stayed too long at the farm and wear a girly look– say good-bye to head-to-toe baby pink while you are at it too.

It is not the skirt length per se but the style of the skirt that matters.

Sure, if your purple dress works with black tights and flats, go ahead and wear them. Tights create a more finished and polished look than bare legs, and flats are most definitely less va va voom than heels.

If you dress right and stay modern, people will think you look great. Not merely great for your age. Isn’t that nicer?


Photo of Christie Brinkley: Donna Ward / PR Photos

Published on December 04, 2009

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