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Closet Overhaul… Tips to create a new basic wardrobe to match your new figure

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Q:Closet Overhaul… Tips to create a new basic wardrobe to match your new figure

I need to overhaul my closet! I have purged quite a few things that I just did not wear anymore. But, I need to know how to correctly create a basic wardrobe and then build from there. I’m 41 this year and have gotten in shape with Pilates– now I want the wardrobe to match my new figure!

I’m an insurance broker who wants to look hip yet successful… I feel like all I need is a big push and off I’ll go – just like riding a bike! My fashion has been all over the place over the years and I’d like to get and basics down and be able to add to them. Thank you. (Rehoboth, MA)

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Congratulations on your new figure, now it’s time to show it off with style.

The best way to choose a core wardrobe is to put your life in a suitcase, so to speak. Hone in on what you need to wear for a 5-day trip and make those essentials your wardrobe basics.

Start simple and build from there, but never scrimp on staples, these are the pieces that make any wardrobe work:

.A great fitting pair of black pants

.Well-cut jeans in the right wash

.A slim black turtleneck

.Perfect-fitting white T-shirt

.Shaped jacket that hits your hips in a flattering way

.Depending on your shape, a knee-length pencil or full skirt

.A chic blouse or crisp shirt in a luscious color

.Sexy heels

.Simple flats in a modern shape

Everything else is icing on the cake to create your personal look. This where you can have fun, add pieces high on style, and play switcharoo with a battery of quick change accessories. Keep in mind, that no wardrobe can be versatile, functional, and chic without a solid base.

–November 3, 2004

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Published on November 03, 2004

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