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Header Affirmation 2 – STYLIST ADVICE

Make the most of what you've got by mastering fashion stylist skills to be the "celebrity" in your own life. I'll show you how.

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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What fires me up is helping the everyday woman feel ready for her closeup. SNAP, you can do it using my stylist skills!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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I teach grown up women to refine their ageless style, cut through fashion confusion, and confidently pull their chic look together!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • Bushy Hair Blues, Bye Bye

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    Bushy Hair Blues, Bye Bye

    Q:Bushy Hair Blues, Bye Bye

    I’ve had my hair cut from just above my waist to a short bob and it looks really thick and bushy. I have no idea how to style it now… I’ve tried everything! My face is oval so it should be quite easy, but sadly its not! Any advice would mean a lot. —Tressed Out (Hotmail)


    Talk about a mop top! Your hair was so long that you could sweep the Sahara dry. It’s probably about time that you snipped off your dead head Tressy mane (ooh, you remember Tressy? That doll from the 1960’s with the hair that grew and grew).

    Most women keep their hair super long as a cop out to styling– all that they have to do is plunk in a ponytail or bun and they can then forget about their hair for the day. Unfortunately, there are very few women with hair in good enough condition and a face that warrants this kind of severe length.

    “When your hair was long, you probably wore it in more of a blunt cut and your hairdresser may have chose to layer it a bit which will cause a lot of volume that you are probably not used to seeing” says Nigel of the Harpur Salon in New York City. “In the mean time, until your hair grows to be more blunt,” Nigel suggests, “use a leave-in conditioner and a light pomade to smooth the style and calm down the volume.”

    bushy haircut

    Big, gorgeous, above-the-shoulder curls are a hot runway look now, as seen on theBaby Phat Fall 2002 catwalk, pictured above right, so why don’t you also consider revisiting your hairdresser for some styling tips on how to make the most of your new cut. Try something more daring, you may learn to love it!

    –February 18, 2002

    Published on February 18, 2001

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