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Celebrity Watch- Alicia Keys Shows You How To Pull Off a Leather Skirt with Class

I’ll Have What She’s Having: A flattering leather skirt that is both chic and modern.

Leather skirts can look tacky, we know. Particularly when you are not a rail thin beanpole but a lady with some gorgeous womanly curves.

But, if you wear leather right, wow…

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By pairing a demure silk blouse in an elegant jewel tone, songstress Alicia Keys managed to evoke an elegant allure in a statement making leather paneled pencil skirt that hit the leather trend on the dot in a completely classy way.

That’s what’s made leather’s comeback in separates such an important proposition this time around as the notion is to use hides as an ultra deluxe way to add a slick sleekness to any look feels fresh when done up.

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Take a cue from Keys and look for leather pieces that are in universally flattering, classic shapes as they tend to give off a grown-up radiance rather than a less than cliche sense of sex appeal.

Stylist Tip: Notice that Alicia’s skirt has just a leather panel mixed with fabric- a far easier and more flattering way to wear leather when you are curvy.

Polished pumps, a chic Amrapali collar necklace and cuff, plus sleek brushed back hair added a sense of put-together composure to Key’s look that’s certain to turn heads the time you consider it for yourself.

Channel Keys smart style with these finds:

Photo: Amrapali

Published on February 16, 2012

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