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Header Affirmation 2 – STYLIST ADVICE

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  • How to wear jeans to a party… Advice on dressing up jeans

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    Q:How to wear jeans to a party… Advice on dressing up jeans

    I’m invited to my friend’s 40th birthday party. The party will be at a million dollar penthouse here in San Diego. Although my friends are California casual, would it be ok to wear “dressed up” jeans? I’m thinking jeans, strappy heels, a cute sleeveless shirt and a jacket? HELP advice is welcome.(San Diego, CA)

    A:I couldn’t think of anything more modern than a pair of great fitting jeans, some sexy sandals, and a feminine top for a casual party at someone’s home or a night out. 

    Since jeans have an automatic dressed down feel, they are the perfect prop to play up a super feminine or glitzy blouse without looking over the top. For the same matter, a pair of really sexy evening sandals gets more fashion mileage when paired with designer jeans than sitting in your closet waiting for the next black tie event. Ditto for exploring the yin and yang of wearing a shaped suit jacket over jeans and bare top.

    The key is to wear jeans that are slim fitting, hug your rear just the right way, and are in a well-worn wash.

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    Published on June 24, 2004

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