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How to Wear Silver: Coordinating an evening look

Coordinating an evening look…

Q:Coordinating an evening look…

I have a silver evening dress and not sure if I should wear silver shoes, purse and a shawl with it or if I can wear light purple with it. (Toronto, Ontario)


The Tin (Wo)Man is not a fashion statement!

Absolutely do not drench yourself in one color, particularly a bold or metallic one. The key to chic is having the ability to understand color and texture which enhance and not overwhelm you and avoiding a flat single-note look.

If the dress is a jazzy silver, let it be the focal point- add softer accessories that complement the silver without taking away from it. You can go tone on tone as long as texture and finish add interest.


Balance textures by adding a featherweight sheer wrap with some delicate beading that picks up the silver without drowning it. Or, think about a faux silver fox boa or steel colored crushed velvet shawl for movie star glamour.

A pearlized lavender sandal or a very muted silver shoe will dissolve without being distracting. If the dress is a simple charmeuse and lingerie inspired, go for a bang up jeweled and wrapped stiletto.

Your evening bag should also add just the right amount of oomph like a ruffled satin wristlet or an eggplant clutch with a big silky flower.

Keep your legs bare, hair simple, and add a pretty amount of shine to your makeup.

–October 5, 2004

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Published on October 05, 2004