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  • Going Commando… The Bare Facts

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    Going Commando… The Bare Facts

    Q:Going Commando… The Bare Facts

    I just want to know is it okay to go commando to get rid of visible panty lines? And, can I go to work in the office, barelegged in strappy stiletto sandals with red painted toenails? –(Cork, Ireland)


    Jeez, sweetie, what kind of “office” do you work in? It’s really all about the phraseology, isn’t it?

    Going commando (not wearing undies for those not in the know) is perfectly fine, as long as you are comfortable with it. Many women can feel a little drafty and prefer wearing a flesh-colored seamless thong or clean-lined panty to avoid the dreaded V.P.I. over exposure. You can also go bareback with pantyhose. The bottom line is all in your personal comfort factor.

    As far as the red toenails and sandals go, it honestly depends on the dress code in your profession. In a more corporate atmosphere, open shoes or strappy sandals are shunned upon, so your toenail color is a moot point anyway. The same goes for being barelegged. If you are questioning how professional something may look, it’s always safer to veer on the more conservative side.

    –April 12, 2001

    Published on April 12, 2001

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