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Spex Appeal- How to Find the Right Sunglasses and Eyewear for Your Face

With the first signs of spring making their way into our lives & wardrobes, and with a new sartorial season ahead, it’s time to consider upping the ante with distinct, impact making frames whether sunglasses or optical.

And as you all may know by now, something as small as a pair of frames can make an instant impression about your style while adding a visual punctuation point to your beauty routine.

With this in mind, we’ve considered the best tricks & tips to help you find what works best for you this season and ahead. After all, eyewear isn’t always just about functional protection from the elements.

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The top five reasons to update your eyewear:

  • You may need a new R/X prescription
  • A new job or position is in the works
  • Your current pair have deteriorating signs of wear and or damage
  • You recently may have changed your beauty regimen or hairstyle -why not frame your face in a fresh way?
  • Maybe you aren’t entirely devoted to trends but you realize glasses are an easy, accessible way to instantly change your look

And since changing just one thing can make a huge impact on your daily look with little to know effort, we suggest you take note!

One misstep or hesitation could literally make or break your look as eyewear tends to be the first thing people notice about you so make sure they evoke a stylish stance on practicality.

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Remember that updating your prescription is an invaluable task as you get older as doctors suggest annual eye exams to prevent further vision problems.

Like make-up, designer frames work as a savvy, cost effective way to get in on luxury designer goods so why not spoil yourself with a pair from a big brand you trust and admire? And just like the many parts of your life that call for different elements, think about finding alternative pairs to suit your lifestyle just like you do with accessories. Yes, there will always be a need for a pair when you are on the go, going out or running routine errands. So build yourself a range of options so you don’t get stuck with just one signature look.

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While they can serve a myriad of important tasks, glasses & sunglasses are an instant way to add glamor or edge to any look, any time. Keep these helpful tricks in mind when on the hunt for that perfect pair:

  • Upturned eyewear serves to highlight the cheek bones and are always a best-bet
  • For work, get a pair with a professional look
  • For days off, go for unexpected finishes and hues -have fun with them
  • For nights out & special occasions, consider going gilt with rhinestone encrusted frames and metallic finishes for a glamorous effect
  • Keep your hair, eye, skin and wardrobe coloring in mind as you want your new pair to flow effortlessly with your look, not make you feel like an uncomfortable stand-out
  • Look for frames that work with your proportions
  • Take a trusted friend with you and continue to try on as many pairs as you can until you find the right one
  • Avoid metal frames, tinted lenses, anything too flashy or too designed as they will age you and go out of style faster than the blink of an eye

Eyewear be it sunglasses or optical frames have come along way over the years in design and sartorial prevalence so make it a point to keep your look updated and for every optical pair you replace, be kind and donate the previous pair to those in need. –Naveed Hussain

Make a MAJOR style statement in one of these avant garde frames, if you dare:

Published on March 28, 2012

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