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  • Lose Weight to Get a Boyfriend

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    Lose Weight to Get a Boyfriend

    Q:Lose Weight to Get a Boyfriend

    I want to look pretty but I’m kind of fat. Can you help me go on a diet and look very pretty and get a boyfriend? Please help me. (Los Angeles, CA)


    I’m sorry to tell you that one’s weight should not have any effect on whether or not you have a boyfriend. A kind, loving, and caring man (as opposed to a pinhead playboy) is going to fall for your total being and not your dress size.

    There are plenty of pretty plus size women who lead vital and fulfilling lives, like the large size supermodel, Emme (pictured right) who has her own clothing line. If you feel you want to lose weight, only you can stop the calories.

    Stop mopping around and find a sensible weight loss program that works for you and start exercising. Lead a healthy lifestyle, feel more self-confident about yourself, and you’ll be “prettier” to the outside world.

    Published on January 01, 1998

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