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Do you want to learn my super easy tricks + pro tips to be YOUR own stylist? You can do it... let me show you how! Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor
Header Affirmation 2 – STYLIST ADVICE

Make the most of what you've got by mastering fashion stylist skills to be the "celebrity" in your own life. I'll show you how.

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

Make the most of what you’ve got by implementing my streamlined fashion stylist skills to stylishly increase your polished presence + self-confidence.

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

Make-Over Monday – Add Prints to Your Summer Look

Master a confident hand at mixing vivid prints into your look this summer for the perfect Make-Over Monday, allowing you a full week to play with prints! Go ahead, attempt to take them for a test drive, just be sure to share your pics with us along the way…

Start the week and the season off in on-trend style with our look at one of the season’s biggest stories -Prints, and plenty of them.

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Take actress Elena Anaya above in Prada as the perfect example on taking a bold print to the max with an ultra-femme shape and shoes to boot. While her dress boasts a vintage smock shape, its novelty print in delicious candy hues keeps her looking sweet, sophisticated and ahead of the pack with elegant ease. How’d she pull off such a naive, über childish print rife with references galore?

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The trick here was by looking for a dress with a classic, utterly challengeless silhouette in a washed out yellow, a standard summer tone that works to highlight her numbers thoroughly vintage appeal.

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Whether you’re looking to work a printed short, skirt or dress this season, consider these sure-fire tips to make it work best for you:

  • Pair your printed pieces with a strong neutral to counter balance the heaviness of some prints
  • Keep everything classic or simple-minded at best, from hair to make-up to accessories, don’t pair prints with other items that catch the eye
  • While unexpected cuts and shapes always dazzle, this season we suggest looking for the simplest of cuts when donning prints
  • Regardless of the print and your draw to it, remember to only work with colors that you instinctively know work best for you
  • Break full-on prints up with breaks of skin via cut-outs or smart accessorizing with belts or scarfs in solid hues
  • Keep the print themes of your pieces age appropriate i.e no woman over 40 should be considering a dress covered in floating ice cream cone prints- it looks a tad too childish

Pretty Prints to Consider Available Online Now:

Published on June 11, 2012

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