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  • Matching Leathers

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    How to match leathers for a polished chic look

    Q:I have chocolate brown leather pants that I would like to wear out in the evening. Is a light brown suede, outdoorsy jacket tacky to wear with these pants? (Kettering, OH)

    A:The most important thing about coordinating leather and suede is that the color, weight, and finish blend.

    For a fairly regular casual night out, you can probably fake them together by pulling in another soft texture, like a cashmere turtleneck . If the occasion is more formal, you may want to add a dressier wool jacket.

    Ruff hewn leather is very modern, don’t match a well-worn finish with something totally done like pearlized, glazed, or patent leather… keep finishes like with like.


    Published on January 01, 1998

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