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  • Pantyhose and Sandals, Oh My

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    Pantyhose and Sandals, Oh My

    Q:Pantyhose and Sandals, Oh My

    Urgent, I need to know if you can wear open toed shoes with nylons for a nice evening out in the city. -Nutty Over Nylons (San Francisco, CA)


    If I had a coin for every time someone asked me some version of the same “pantyhose with sandals” conundrum I would have enough money for a lifetime supply of different Manolo’s for every day of the week!

    Sheer nude hose worn with very open toe shoes or sandals looks weird. A small peek-a-boo open toe shoe looks fine when worn with hosiery. Bare feet and a perfect pedicure are best with sandals. Tip: if you need the support of pantyhose and you’re wearing pants, hack the feet off your tights or try Spanx for a footless look.

    If the outfit and shoes look best with bare legs, go ahead as long as you can brave the temperature and don’t look like a frostbitten fashion victim on the way to the ER. Get more edgy than Aunt Gladys and wear bold hose in a pattern or texture or a cute sock that makes a style statement.

    Most important, if you feel nervous about wearing something, it’s not for you!

    –January 5, 2002

    Published on January 05, 2002

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