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  • Wear the trend: Sequins for day… How to carry off glamour and glitz before sunset

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    Wear the trend: Sequins for day… How to carry off glamour and glitz before sunset

    Q:Wear the trend: Sequins for day… How to carry off glamour and glitz before sunset

    Where ever I look someone is pushing wearing shiny fabrics and sequins during the day. My best friend, and fashion coach says sequins are a really hot trend for any time of day, but for me, I feel like my clock is inside out.

    Is it appropriate to wear a sequin dress when it’s still light out or should it be reserved for a big night out or special occasion? (Salt Lake City, UT)


    You’ve heard the expression, don’t let your clothes wear you, well here you go… Yes, this season the glimmer of sequins and all that glitters and gleams is a 24-hour fashion occasion.

    Just the other afternoon, I was pondering the rest of a line of glistening Fashion Week fashionettas impatiently texting while we all waited for the house doors to open at an off-site, indy fashion show. All the PYT’s were decked out in slinky charmeuse, spangly sequins, brilliant beading, or polished metallics that even through the din of a post-rainy afternoon, the wannabe fashion It Girls looked more like a line-up for a casting call of an imagined reality show, My Lavish Bat Mitzvah: Las Vegas Edition.

    I’m sorry but a little glitz goes a long way during the day, but an entire blinding outfit of sequins before sunset looks absolutely tacky and ridiculous. By all means, go with this fall’s trend of glamour for day, when appropriate, but easy does it is all it takes to look sizzling and on trend without looking like a fashion victim let loose in a bead factory.

    Select one gleaming item as your focal point and tone it down with well-cut pieces from your regular day wardrobe.

    Wear a drapey charmeuse blouse with amply cut tweed menswear wide leg pants. Add a bold colored turtleneck sweater under a metallic leather jacket. Sweeten up a beaded tunic with straight leg jeans. Opt for sequin trim rather than the entire cocktail dress. Splash up neutrals with embellished shoes or a bag, just don’t pile it on before cocktails. Mix it in and wear it well.

    –September 15, 2007

    Published on September 15, 2007

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