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Header Affirmation 2 – STYLIST ADVICE

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Stylist Advice: When Can I Wear Nude Stockings?

Q:Can I wear stockings in beginning of September or is there a time of year when I can wear nude stockings? My legs are horrific… I am 58 and have a lot of marks and spider veins. I had a housecleaning business for 18 years, so my knees are discolored.

What is the best shade of hosiery to wear? Is it nude or  should the hose color to match dress— with closed shoes, of course?  (via Fashion Advice)

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 Trends may come and go but what looks best on the wearer is ALWAYS the most important, regardless of the season.

While nude pantyhose has been off the charts for a while, Kate Middleton‘s penchant for properness put nude hose back in the mainstream style books for the younger set. And thanks to her, nude stockings are iconic to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge chic!

Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer

Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer

Yes, absolutely nude hose with sandals always looks off but is stylish with a peep toe or closed shoe. What you want to make sure of is that nude hosiery is always of the lightest denier, or weight, so that it acts as a featherweight veil to even your legtone and hold you in a bit (bye-bye Spanx). Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer are a good start.

Any nude hose that has a meshy look or a weird and unnatural color just looks old lady. As does trying to pass off sheer hose under jeans.

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You pretty much want to avoid getting matchy-matchy with sheer pantyhose color but when you opt for heavier weight tights, such as opaque, you can go tonal in shades with your outfit or even contrast.

 If the condition of your legs really bothers you, you may want to consider visiting a dermatologist to see if you are a candidate for chemical peels or lasers to even skin tone,  and/or a phlebologist (vein specialist) to see if you are a candidate for the latest treatments in spider vein removal. There’s always a spray tan too; I like L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Salon Airbrush.

I hope this helps as to when you can wear nude stockings, which really is, when ever they make you look your best. Any other tips out there? Please comment below.


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Published on July 24, 2012

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