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Transitional Weather Jackets – Not Too Hot, Not Too Cool. Try A Denim Jacket

Transitional weather moments, that puzzling feeling as what to wear that is age-appropriate, comfortable and most of all, sensible. Fear not, the denim jacket and its many versatile iterations is here to save the day!

From the all-American classic staple in tried & true shades of denim to deconstructed to studded, bedazled and decorated, the denim jacket is back and makes for one safe and go-to option for the season’s requisite layering.

With so many options to explore, what’s to lose?

Consider a denim topper for virtually any look. As we’ve seen on the runways for the past few seasons, a denim jacket isn’t just for looks rife with Americana references indeed.

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Worn over literally anything, as long as the fit stays true to your own style, think of the denim jacket as one piece you can’t go wrong with, after all, a denim jacket is one harbinger of hi/low style thats easily accessible, comfortable and most of all, goes with anything.

Take a look at Zara’s denim topper from its latest lookbook as they paired it with a simple top while loading on the jewels. See, it’s all about the mix and match and here, a denim jacket was used to give the jewels an everyday appeal.

And with that kind of pairing, you too can look on top of the style game while scoring points on the not trying too hard charts. Best of all, you can find a denim jacket at any price point, making it one of those must-have pieces that needn’t cost a fortune.

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Published on September 21, 2012

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