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    Q:What to Wear Under White…

    I’m an African-American woman with a medium-brown skintone. What is the best color lingerie to wear under white clothing (white cotton shirts, white CK khakis, etc.)? Some are of the opinion it should be black, others feel it should be white. Are either right? (Columbus, OH)


    Regardless of your race, you want to wear lingerie that blends with your skintone when you wear white clothing. Whatever matches your fleshtone is the desired color for you.

    If you are dark skinned, black undies can be fine. Otherwise, more cocoa-colored lingerie would blend in better. For lighter skin or Caucasian women, anything from what they call champagne to suntan would work dependant upon your skin color.

    Under no uncertain terms is white underwear ever a wise choice under white clothing, unless you purposely want your lingerie to be apparent.

    –June 18, 2002

    Published on June 18, 2002

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