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  • Tipping Etiquette In A Hair Salon

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    Tipping Etiquette In A Hair Salon

    Q:Tipping Etiquette In A Hair Salon

    What’s an appropriate tip for a stylist who highlights your hair that takes about 2-3 hours? (Hutchinson, MN)


    t’ not about the time it takes, it’s about the bill. But, of course, the extra effort should be a tipping consideration. It’s safe to say that a 15 -20 % gratuity for service in a hair salon is standard. In high-end salons or urban areas, a 20% tip is more the norm.

    If two stylists are working on your hair, each should get a 10% tip. The person who washes your hair, or an assistant, should be tipped between two and five dollars.

    Technically, the owner of a salon should not expect a tip, but I always say that depends on the situation. My colorist willingly accepts his tip and I get an appointment when I need one.

    –December 2, 2001

    Published on December 02, 2001

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